A flexible, safe and simple way to manage any kind of ticket for events.

There are no complicated fees. 1€/1$ per ticket sold.

You don't have to pay anything if your event is free.

  • Our work

    We work hard in every single detail of our projects.

    Our goal is to improve your project, company or business making it more usable, useful and understandable.
  • Verkami
    A crowdfunding platform that connects innovative projects and ideas with patrons willing to make them come true.
  • Trourist
    A travellers'—not turists—network where you can find fresh experiences about any place.
  • Qstion
    An easy way to manage live interviews and get questions from audience in realtime
  • Age of Fiction
    We teamed up with WeareQQ to build an arduino displaying a chronology based on all movies made to date.
  • Los presus de...
    A tool to look up regional government budgets with simple and understandable graphics.
  • ABCkit
    An ipad+iphone application to teach your kids the alphabet in a funny way. Selected by Apple as finalist for the Best Spanish App in 2011.
  • Pro Bono Publico
    We funded this non-profit association to promote the use of open data and standards in public institutions.
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    We can help you to make it:
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The team

In April 2005 we launched Linking Paths, on the way we have learned:
  • It's possible to launch a profitable company
  • We see small as a strength, not a weakness
  • Work is not a 9-5 blackbox, it's part of that thing called life
  • Specialization is for insects
Read the 17 points.

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